SEO Analysis of A Website | Learn How To or Pay For It

SEO analysis of a website is an important step all webmasters need to setup and follow. There are basic rules to follow with website design and the content. You can choose to learn the requirements for proper search engine optimization of your website. Or, you hire a search engine optimization specialist or freelancer from a company.

When looking at search engine optimization companies for analyzing your website be sure to understand the results you will receive and there cost. There is a wide list of companies that offer this help and guidance. The cost does vary on how much checking or tweaks the company offers during a first visit or with a monthly set of checks.

Your budget and the website type you analysis should be considered for the work you pay for. You should have a list of items you want the SEO company to work on. Also, what will the company offer you in the way of personal training and technical advice?

Each company has specific criteria for their different SEO optimization plans. The extent will vary with the work they will do as well as overall cost. If you budget $1000 for the optimization, will you get $1000 and more in returns?

Most search engine optimization companies will offer pricing in two forms, hourly or project level based. An hourly rate is setup if you contract for constant or monthly results. You and your SEO company contact will discover your needs and the time and personnel needed to complete the analysis.

Cost compared to return on your investment. If your costs are $1000 but you will receive a return of an added $200 each month. Then your website’s annual return in passive income would be well worth the preliminary cost investment. You invest in fresh traffic and your sites SEO ranking in the search engines. With a return of $2,400 a year after a cost of $1,000 in SEO the $1,400 profit margin is well worth the investment.

One hard and true fact about SEO is the work involved. There is no magic button or line of code you can add to your website to boost traffic and sales. SEO website design is the first and one of the main steps an SEO company will suggest. You need a quality canvas to paint your content onto. The SEO services you choose will control the foundation work needed.

Once your canvas is ready your search engine marketing company will diagnose your sites niche market and the keywords that go with it. The more work already in place before contracting for SEO consulting the better. There are free SEO tools that can help you get your website design ready for the final touches. This will help cut your total cost when contract with your SEO consultant.


Can You Learn SEO and Do-it-Yourself?

Yes you can if your put the time and work into it. Some of the best resources to learn from are the SEO companies you might hire. Many offer free information or class training in different forms. There are several SEO related forums with thousands of experienced members who will help with your questions.

A popular and free site is Google webmaster tools. The algorithms that SEO companies base most of their work on come from Google. It’s a large library of information on how to optimize your site in design and content. The Google forum and the company’s representatives will also help with special questions or guidance.


Google Webmaster Help:

Google Webmaster Tools: http://

Google SEO Information:

Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide:


SEER Interactive offer some great insights covering many aspects of proper SEO techniques for webmasters on their blog. Wil Reynolds has created a whole series of videos on YouTube covering the “How To” on many popular topics for websites and the content they present to visitors. My favorite is from Affiliate Summit East 2009;


Wil Reynolds and SEER Interactive:

Seer Interactive Site:

Seer Interactive Blog:

Over 60 videos by Wil Reynolds:


Jill Whalen and her team of expert consultants at High Rankings offer many free articles and information on search engine optimization tweaks and proper customization. High Rankings forum has hundreds of friendly members and a large foundation of posted information.

Jill Whalen and High Rankings:

Jill Whalen CEO of High Rankings:

High Rankings SEO Articles:

High Rankings Forum:


This is just a select few of the many sites and resources a webmaster might gain some information from when doing their own SEO analysis. The help listed above is tried-and-true positive advice and you will not find any blackhat or other tricks to cheat the system.

If your budget is limited or your just starting into Internet marketing using free advice and tools can get you up and going. If your profit outlook is good and you want to outsource the work or part of it then an SEO consultants cost can pay you back handsomely for your investment.

No matter which path you take for an SEO analysis of a website you will learn to be a better webmaster. Quality content is king in the Internet world and even if you have written good articles they have to be found. Google and the other search engines take note of visitors to your site. If you have no visitors or readers then your efforts and writings are just a group of pixels.

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