Work from Home Ideas

There are many reasons to seek work from home jobs. You or your family needs extra income for something special or just to help pay the bills. You have been laid off from your regular day job or it just does not pay enough to get ahead. You just want to get out of the daily rat race and be your own boss. Many moms are looking for home business ideas for women, and there are several to be had.

Ideas – Where to start:

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself. What skills do your already have? What skills would you enjoy working at from your home? Are you interested in learning new skills and add to current skills you have now to expand that job?

If you are currently employed, would you be willing to start a new home based business in your free time? If you are unemployed, can you afford the time and cost to start your work from home job and wait for the first paycheck to come in?

Are you burned-out working at your current career? Would like to follow your favorite hobby as a home based dream job? Are you a crafts-person type who likes to work with your hands and produce sellable items?

Do some brainstorming; write a list of jobs you are interested in. Take each listing and break it into categories:

  • Do I like doing this?
  • Will I need more training?
  • Will there be overhead cost?
  • Will I need more tools of the trade?
  • How long will it take to put it to action?
  • Will I be able to expand my choice into similar markets?
  • Will I be ready to put in the time and passion needed to succeed?

Anyone can succeed in a work at home business. Everyone can fail in a self-employed adventure. Some jobs will produce income quickly. Some will take time and effort to bring in the first paycheck. All of them take hard work and diligence.

What Work Can You Do From Your Home? :

The freedom to do whatever you want from your home might have some rules and regulations attached. Depending on where you live, there might be homeowner ordinances or city laws and zoning that will limit your home business.

Noise is a concern if you have neighbors nearby. If you will need to store supplies or work on equipment in your front yard it might draw in the city zoning officials with their rule books. Some cities and communities have rules on running a business from your home within limits.

Under normal conditions a general rule is, if no one sees it, no one will care. I would suggest you do the needed research so you’re for-warned. It would be shame to get a great idea going and then be shut down by a regulating agency.

Home based business opportunities are growing due partially from the economic times. Many individuals are realizing the benefits of working at home for less of a monthly income. Once you cutout the commuting cost, hours wasted in traffic, wear and tear on auto’s and clothes, it starts to add up.

Weekly Income Regular Job

  • @ $20 per hour / 40 hour week
    • $800 pre tax
  • Commuting Cost
  • Gas and maintenance
    • @ 50 miles a day
    • $50 per week
  • Lost Time
  • 2 hours a day
    • @ $5 per hour
    • $50 per week
  • Extra Working Cost
  • Baby-sitter?
  • Eating Out?
  • Parking?
  • Job Related Clothing?
    • Approx per week cost $325+-
  • Amount you would pay to not do the above 4 steps?
  • @ $5 per day
    • $25 per week
  • Total weekly income minus cost from above;
  • $350 per week or $8.75 per hour pre tax.

So your $20 per hour job pays about $8.75 an hour. It also takes 50 hours a week out of your life. This is only an estimate and I suggest you do your own math for your particular situations and cost. There are added tax savings you can factor in by running a home based business. The tax subject is a learning curve and beyond the scope of this article. But there are ways to save extra money off the top of your home based office income.

Part-Time – Full-Time:

Starting out I would suggest everyone look at this as a part-time job. Even if you are unemployed now, I would still make sure you like your new-found home based job. Once you get some experience at working your chosen work from home business, then you can think about working it full-time.

I know of families that work their part-time home business and each member performs a specific task. The husband builds woodcraft projects and the wife Tole paints them. This allows each member to look at the work as part-time.

At times family members that live apart or may be a good-neighbor will get together and work on projects. Working with other people can help keep the rhythm going and allow for better production. Whatever you aim for don’t burn yourself out from overwork.

If you do wish to work full-time when starting, it’s best to have a budget reserve set aside. Start out easy and make sure that outlays towards your new home business are needed. There will be many opportunities to overspend in the hopes of expanding or creating more income. Thoroughly think it out before you spend.

Home Based Hobby or Small Business:

Roughly speaking I would think about a work at home job that make a few hundred dollars a month as a hobby. If you are working to make a couple of thousand dollars a month or more, it’s a small business. Depending on your income and the clients you do business with, a tax id number and may be business license might be needed.

How much space do you have at your home? Do you have a spare room or a corner of a room to setup your office desk and files? If you are thinking about working at craft projects, do you have a garage or small storage building? Not all, but some craft type jobs can get messy and cannot be worked on in a nice area of the house.

Will you need help or have to deal with others to complete your projects? If your home based business expands will you hire employees? Fully think out the steps and procedures then will take place to perform your daily task. If you’re only going to need your brain and hands, then your main investment is already paid for.

If you need to buy tools or equipment to get started do you have a nest egg or investment capitol? Your first paycheck might take some time to get. Take your time and complete the first start-up steps as you grow. Poor planning and having to redo or step backwards will cost and take twice the effort.

Online Business Ideas:

There are several forms of work at home jobs that only need the most basic of skills. Some do need a special expertise. If you’re planning to use your current knowledge and experiences, then put them to use at your home business, you are a step ahead.

Many jobs can start with a single skill set and expand or combine into others. Self-learning or training is a good idea, but it usually does not pay. Allow yourself the added time to learn and test new ideas or trades. The Internet offers a large collection of training and how to guidance free or little investment. But you will have to invest some of your time to learn it.

Consider the virtual work from home jobs.

  • Medical Billing Jobs
  • Insurance Jobs
  • Call Center Jobs
  • Copywriting And Ghostwriting
  • Writing Content For Websites
  • Designing Websites Or Company Logo’s
  • Creating Fliers And Sales Letters

The idea of virtual work is it only needs a computer, Internet access and may be a printer. If you are getting into designing or website development you may well need some select software. Writers are in high demand for all types of article content and business forms or brochures.

Many writing jobs will pay from $3 to $8 for each 400 to 600-word article. If you can type 20 words per minute or more you might produce 3 to 10 articles a day with the needed research for the content. As you build up a reputation with a few clients you can increase your charge rate to $15 or $20 per article.

Many website owners are constantly in need of web content covering all types of subjects. They will usually take bids on groups of articles from 5 to 50 or more. At the rate of $6 for each 450-word article a group of 10 will produce $60 in income. A group of 50 at $8 will give you $400 and completed in a week.

Work from Home Online Jobs:

  • Customer Service
  • Writing Website Content
  • Medical Transcription
  • IT/ Programming Jobs
  • Design and Business Art
  • Sales
  • Call Center
  • Data Entry
  • Assembly
  • Translation Related Jobs
  • Bookkeeping/ Accounting

There’s much work found from online Internet sources that fit easily into a home based office. Starting out will only pay a minimal wage but will grow with experience. You control the hours you work and the time you put in. Even working at a gentle part-time pace can bring in an extra $400 to $500 each month.

The added benefits are, if you want Tuesday off to go shopping, take it off. If you need 4 days of for a family vacation, take it off, enjoy, have a life. If you want to stay in bed in the morning, stay in bed. If you need to work late into the night to get some extra profits, grab a cup of coffee and work.

There is an updated online job list here for only $7.95. The author keeps the list updated monthly for life at no added charge. If you need to find a new or extra sources of home based work this list can provide many different ideas. The current list has over 330 listings and more added monthly. It will be the best $7.95 you ever spend in your work at home career. Check It Out Here: Home Workers Jobs List

General Art, Craft and Skilled Work from Home Jobs:

  • Small Wood Crafts

    work from home craft jobs

    work from home craft jobs

  • Tole Painting
  • Pottery
  • Yard Art And Fixtures
  • Cabinetry And Restoration
  • Appliance Repair
  • House-painter
  • Carpentry And Remodeling
  • Landscape And Lawn Service
  • Design Sales Post And Fliers

This is only a small sampling of work from home ideas. Get an idea of your local neighborhoods needs and the competition and then fill the open niches. Each idea above can be expanded into other fields or skills. If you think one field of endeavor will not produce the needed work and income, add more as you can.

As an example; maybe you have a nearby neighbor who pays a furnace company’s minimum house call cost of $50 to change the filter on their furnace. You could offer to do it for $25 including the cost of the filter for 15 minutes work. Word of mouth is one of the best sale pitches there is. Next time the same person might ask to have a rain gutter cleaned out, bingo, more work and more opportunities to expand.

As an added overhead bonus for you, you don’t need a company truck with a name on it. You do not have the added cost of a separate shop or store utility’s and rent. All the profits go to you and your advertisement cost are your face and a phone. Your neighbor with the clean gutters and furnace filter tells their neighbor who tells their sister and on and on.

Draw out a plan and act on it. You are only limited by your imagination and desire. Start slowly and double check what you find that is of interest to you. The money is there, you just need to work for it and have the passion to meet your goals. Working from home can be a rewarding and money making experience.

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  1. Michelle says:

    A really great post and some good ideas for those looking to work from home. You are right about the need to factor in expenses like the time and cost of commuting, child care and more. I recently figured out that in 2011 I earned about $17/hour from my internet marketing efforts, but by working from home (part time) and not commuting to work or paying for child care, I am sure I saved quite a lot of money on those costs.

    Plus the benefits of working from home are huge, as you have pointed out. The best is that I don’t have a boss, my schedule is completely flexible, and I get to fit my work into my life in such a way that I am able to be a full time “at home mom” for my son. Great stuff!

  2. Thanks Michelle, you are a perfect example of the hard work needed and the passive income that can come from many hours of diligence.

    Working at home does give anyone the opportunity to have a full life without the added time and expenses of an everyday commuting type of job. As you have stated many times; the special time you get to spend with your son can not be bought or replaced at a later time.

    My 2 sons are in their mid thirties now, but the time I was able to spend with them as kids brings back great memories. I would not take $500 an hour for those special moments.

    Yes, the benefits of working from home are huge for anyone in any field of endeavor.

    Everyone should have a way to bring in added income to fall back on during hard times or when they just want to make a few extra bucks for whatever reasons.

    Today’s economy has reminded a lot of individuals about this simple fact now, and now is the best time to start work at home careers.

    Thanks again Michelle.

  3. I think your comparison to a job (and expenses incurred on a job) is a really interesting way of putting it. I’m in the UK so wages etc. are different, but for me, a full time job would mean £ for parking, eating out and fuel, cutting down my earnings significantly.

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