Keywords and Keyword Phrase Website Research

Keywords and Keyword Phrases

The research needed to find a quality keyword and the associated keyword phrases is always a trial and error process for website marketers. You need to fit in to your niche market and pull in visitors with the keywords high rankings. The main issue is usually, the competition. Beat them and the profits will follow.

There a many keyword research tools on the internet, both free and paid versions. Whichever solution you choose, you will need to analyze your main selection down to a proven result. This whole process should be double checked and cross referenced to make sure your keywords will produce the results you wish. If you later find your keyword choice was incorrect, you will have wasted a lot of time and effort.

Once you are sure of your selection, you can use your key phrases with their related LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) words to integrate into your articles and or post. Google will read your articles and index them by the keywords and phrases it finds. Since the release of Google’s Panda algorithms, it will read your content, very well. Comply with the black and white bear and you will reap the benefits.

Overuse of keywords (keyword stuffing) in an article will not help you. The proper method for keyword usage is to mix in your keyword phrases with LSI words. If you are not sure of what LSI words are, or their proper use, you will be rewarded by learning about the subject. Here is a good site to start with: LSIKeywords –

I have included a video from Google by Matt Cutts called: What is the ideal keyword density of a page? This should give you an idea for the proper use of keywords on your website. Offer unique quality content with your keyword and key phrases in your content and you will see positive results from Google and your website visitors.

A good tool for keyword research is Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer. It will show you exactly what the odds are for a keyword to give you the results you want. It works with Google’s keyword tool, but then takes the results several steps further. Don’t waste your time and research effort without using a good tool like Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer.

If you are not sure if you have your website setup properly for the best SEO returns, I would suggest you buy and read a book by Lisa Irby called Niche Website Success. If you are just starting out, or already have a website, you will learn some of the best techniques and processes to get the best profit margin and visitor experiences. Give Niche Website Success a look, it will be the best money you have spent on your niche market website.


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