Homemade Crafts – Marketing Your Business Online

You have some ideas to make homemade crafts for sale, but are not sure how to go about it?

Of course, there are local craft fairs and flea markets, but they will require your personal involvement and time. Running a work from home business is time intensive. The more you can make it run on autopilot the better.

However, an additional marketing option can be the internet. Either through your own website, or through well established craft marketing websites that work on a commission. Craft do sell very well online!

Online access is becoming more and more popular with all the personal connected devices people carry today. With the new cell phones, tablets and ultra lightweight laptop computers, it is an easy take for a prospective buyer to find your homemade crafts online from just about anywhere.

While marketing your craft business online you are only involved in the shipping process after the sale. Almost all other factors of the online craft sale can be pre-arranged and automated.

Online Sale Steps:

  • Display the item to sell online.
  • Set pricing or auction limits and wait.
  • Process finial sale or bidding information.
  • Verify finial money exchange, including shipping cost.
  • Package and ship the craft item to the customer.

The crafts to make and sell only require a little research in the market you item that you are interested in making. There are buyers for almost any item you can imagine.

Craft ideas many times will have to do with the upcoming seasons. Plan so you have an inventory ready for Christmas, Easter or Halloween. Other items can fit into the general gift category and offered all year long.

Homemade crafts, Christmas Crafts

Homemade crafts, Christmas Crafts—Salicia (Flickr.com)

Becoming an internet entrepreneur with online craft sales can be very rewarding and help cover the slow periods when you should be creating new materials to sell.


Good Internet Business Models For Craft Sales:

  • Research the market for ideas.
  • Gather materials at the lowest cost.
  • Use templates to produce multiple copies where possible.
  • Track you craft items sold to help plan for the next batch.
  • Watch other sellers and their items to find what is popular.
  • Push the homemade effect to separate you from foreign mass produced copies.

There are several homemade crafts ideas to work from as you choose the ones you like. Wood crafts offer many benifits from low cost items all the way to high end works of art.

Many times you can find enough scrap wood so that your base materials are free. Add a little glue, nails or screws and a finish then you item is ready to sell. use you imagination to create popular designed crafts and the handmade aspect will help add additional value.

Basket weaving, knitting and crocheting have always made a popular sale item from art work to personal garments. check online sites like eBay and Etsy for ideas and follow some items to see what is hot for the seasons.

Watch this video by; Anne Campbell at the Louisiana Crafts Guild for some ideas on low cost easy crafts you can make.

 Resources to read more and get ideas for your homemade crafts:

Homemade Gift Ideas Neon Fabric Coiled Bowls. Huffington Post. Placemat Clutch. Turn a funky-patterned placemat into a one-of-a-kind a href www.huffingtonpost.com 2012 04 26 craft-of-the-day-turn-a-p n 1450510. html 1350328069 fashion accessory a for the fashionista on your list. and more.…

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