How Do You Make A Business Website

How do you make your own business website? Designing and setting up your website is not that hard. There are several different ways to approach this in a proven set of steps.

Again, if you need some quality guidance, I suggest you try Lisa Irby’s; Niche website Success. It will get you the best start possible in an easy to understand set of steps that cover all the methods required.

You can do it all yourself and learn the steps you do not understand. You will need some basic know how about the many website choices and the different coding used, like, HTML, PHP and CSS.

Alternatively, you can hire the whole website done for you for a fee. This would require hiring a designer and a website programmer to build a website that meets your needs. Cost can run from $500 to thousands of dollars.

And make note of the fact, if you hire it done, you will need these people later to make any small changes or updates. If you build your own site, with a slight learning curve, you can update and change the looks of your personal business website with ease.

Learning website design is not hard, with an endless supply of helpful ideas on the Internet.

Setup Your Business Website Domain

Here are the basic steps needed to start-up a business website and get it online on the World Wide Web.

  • Select a good domain name for your site

    build a business website

    build a business website

  • Register that domain name with a registrar
  • Select a website hosting provider for your business site
  • Website layout and design
  • Business website marketing

Business Domain Name Selection

The basic procedure in choosing a domain name, with a business, is to relate the company name “know as branding”. Alternatively, you might associate the site’s name to the market the business is representing.

Both naming conventions have good and bad points. Branding your company name, might take some time to become recognized. A market name in a popular niche market might not be available, and you will have to adjust to get a positive market related name wording.

The use of keywords in the name you choose can help with market related recognition and the sites overall ranking. New naming ideas show that keyword’s in a site’s name is not necessary anymore. After the new changes to the algorithms used by Google and other search engines, other site alternatives are important.

Once a domain name is researched and decided on, you will need to register the selected domain name with a registrar. This will cost about $10 to $15 for each year you choose for a top-level registration “.com, .net, .org” depending on the service, you sign up. I personally suggest Dynadot. They have good and fast service while offering some of the best pricing found anywhere. I have used Dynadot for years for all my sites. Their current pricing is $9.95 for a .com domain name.

Business Web Hosting

The next step is to find hosting for your new website. This provider needs to be able to fill all your site needs. Take your time and choose well, moving a website can create issues and problems later. Ask yourself; what am I going to be doing on my business website?

If you are just displaying your services and or products, what will need to be integrated into the site to perform these tasks? Will you handle sales on-site, or transfer the finial sales to a second handler like PayPal? Does the host provider allow for site upgrades and the possible future upgrades you might need?

Are you going to host only one website, or possibly expand into many different and varying sites? I will use HostGator as an example to cover domain limits and using a 1 year contract for the pricing and cost per month.

HostGator Offers:

  • $5.56 – Hatchling Plan – 1 Domain, Unlimited Disk Space, Unlimited Bandwidth.
  • $7.96 – Baby Plan – Unlimited Domains, Unlimited Disk Space, Unlimited Bandwidth.
  • $11.96 – The Business Plan – Unlimited Domains, Unlimited Disk Space, and Unlimited Bandwidth – Plus SSL, Dedicated IP address and a Toll Free Number.
  • $24.95 – Reseller Web Hosting – Unlimited everything and a cPanel for each website you have installed and a WHM Control panel for handling your site resell possibilities.

So what does this all mean? All the plans offer unlimited email accounts for your website aka; “”. Each plan offers a cPanel administration page for back-end controls of your website. This is the main operations area for the server database connections and the optional tweaks of your website.

Using the controls of the cPanel does require a small learning curve. However, HostGator has great support and a detailed set of FAQ’s and directions. I will not explain the inner workings of cPanel here; it would need a long article. The cPanel online help offers guidance, and answers to questions with a support search question. In addition, you can contact HostGator‘s support by email, chat, or phone. HostGator offer some of the best support personal I have come across. HostGator‘s support team always answered fully and never left me hanging waiting for support during breakdowns.

Now you are ready to create your new business website, we will look at the design issues and layout needs. There are different choices concerned with the layout that are dependent on the display of your site’s business. Continue reading on the next page.


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