Website Layout and Design

How to Design and Layout Your Business Website

design a website

design a website

Once you decide on the domain name, website hosting, and niche market, the next step is your website layout and design.

There are a few concerns about website layout. What will your business website display to your visitors? Are you selling one product or are you selling 10,000 products? Or, are you selling yourself and your services? Will your sales be for crafts and homemade items?

How to use WordPress to Design a Website:

Website Layout Tips:

How to Design A Layout

Website layout and design can be an enjoyable learning experience, or can become a major headache. I will offer a few design tips that will save you time and frustration later. Everyone starts out with one idea for their website’s appearance, and then change their ideas about 10,000 times.

This is human nature, and you do want your site to be friendly and inviting for humans. Graphic design will come later. First you need to layout the structure of your business website, and then paint the walls.

Creating a website should be at a minimum, pleasing to the eye of the designer; you! Then, once you are happy with your website page’s layouts and design, and then have your family members or friends voice their opinion also. A dozen eyes are better than two, and a quality, well-designed site, millions will view it.

Website Layout:

Your computer screen is square, and the layout for 95% of all website pages are in a square grid. The earth is round, and the contours and shapes of everything on it are endless. Do not get me wrong, web pages design can flow like water with their display characteristics. Nevertheless, there layout base is on a grid of squares.

Let start the design with square one, our base layout template for a business website.

Website Layout and Design

Website Layout and Design

Now, you need to decide the main use of the site. This will be a controlling reason to how many editable squares are on a page. You can design separate templates for specific specialized pages as needed to display your goods.

As an example, if you wish to sell 100 items, then you could layout the main content of a page in a grid of 10. Ten items each would display on 10 pages. The visitor or prospective buyer can select each item, and then open its separate window for full display and details.

An information business website is mainly for displaying text information and the associated images. Each pages design happens in place as you write your article. Again this is the main content area displayed on the center of your website.

As you go through the steps for your business website design and development, you will want to make changes as easily as possible. This offers a rewarding choice for learning to design and code a website yourself.

In addition, changes will come; your ideas and website needs will change overtime. You will want and need to perform these changes in a reliable easy step. As easy as it is to make a layout change, without the proper learning, you can also break your websites layout.

Here’s a book by Lisa largely, which offer some great guidance on layout and design for it WordPress website. “Niche Website Success

Website Design:

There is an unlimited supply of web design articles on the Internet. Well written design procedures for every possible idea and creative step somewhere online. But, luckily these “best” design ideas are always changing. New design ideas and updated software programs will always offer fresh interesting materials for a website layout designer.

If you were to compare the top business website designs, you will begin to notice one important factor; the design offers easily viewed pages, legible text, easy on the eyes color, and easily changed by the designer. The days of website designed with a lot of flash bang boom, are ending.

The World Wide Web is an information highway. This information is provided on mobile devices, laptops and desktop computers in a greater number than ever before. People want to read and be informed. Besides, you will want visitors to read your website, not become blinded by flashing bouncing images.

On the Internet today there are many professional website designers. Their pricing varies greatly dependent on the work a website owner wants. But, one of the negative drawbacks of using a professional designer is your lack of understanding how to make changes to a custom designed and coded site. You will likely need to pay the designer again, to make the changes or updates you need later.

This takes us back to one of my major points, learn to do-it-yourself. It is your business website; express yourself and your business vision in its design. There are loads of forum’s, websites, and YouTube videos that can help you with any problems you might have. Learn to save your design money, and if your site breaks on a weekend, you will not have to wait for the designer to answer your cries for help.


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