Ecommerce or Affiliate Sales Plan For Your Market

Any affiliate marketing website needs a profitable sales plan in their market arsenal. The choices are; selling your own products or someone else’s. If you’re not selling your own product, then you are most likely marketing an affiliate program or working on e-commerce development. Each market type has its good and bad points.


Marketing Plan

So what is affiliate marketing? Getting started in an affiliate marketing program is a simple process once you have selected a product to fit your marketing niche. Starting an affiliate marketing blog site can be an easy task for a single item that you wish to specialize in. Most affiliate network sites offer all the help you might need to get your sales page ready for visitors. Signup for your affiliate tracking information, then add a banner or text links to your site. Next, start writing articles that relate to the product to promote it.


A simple e-commerce definition is listing an image of a product with a short description with a Buy Now button. The customer clicks to buy the product, pays you through a payment site, you pay your reduced payment price to the supplier and they ship the product to the customer. This is also known as dropshipping. You will be responsible on tracking inventory from your supplier. Most dropshipper’s will handle any return issues after the sale if you provide the customer with the proper email or contact information. An ecommerce website can offer hundreds of products or more if you offer a wide market.

An internet marketing affiliate program that fits your niche will be easier to get up and running on your website. Finding the best affiliate program will take some research on your part to decide the profitability of the product. You can find tracking information from sites like Click-Bank and other affiliate networks. Checks out some of the internet marketing forums to find how other marketers are doing with similar products. If the main landing page for the product site makes sense and interest you, then it will likely interest your customers.

Internet affiliate marketing can be combined into an ecommerce website design. This choice will offer the best of both marking fields. Your main marketing niche can provide products for ecommerce sale’s while offering affiliate links for similar product “How To” books or references. Like, a flower market could sell flowerpots and starter plants, then reference eBooks or hard copy books on how to grow flowers. The alternatives are endless once you find your marketing niche and start providing interesting article to your clientele.

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  2. Though I am a big fan of affiliate marketing but I think if you want to make a career out of online earning then e-commerce site is the best solution. In affiliate marketing the number of products you can market is very limited but in an online store the choice is unlimited. You can sell almost anything that earns you handsome commission. Nowadays more and more people are turning towards building e-commerce site without realizing that it’s a very specialized job which requires a different kind of skill set as a result they are not utilizing this method to it’s full potential. I will advice that if you want to come in to this e-commerce business than first you should acquaint yourself with SEO and basic web development. Though this will take time but the income it will generate will be worth the effort.

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