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  1. Hi David,
    Got your comment on my site about the layout and the cappucccino skin. Here ya go:

    In the WordPress admin area / Thesis/ Design Options – Home Page Display Options/ Features & Teasers. Pick the number of post you want to show. The default is 2, I have 0 which makes them lineup side by side. Also under Display Options/ Post – check either, Display full post content or Display post excerpts. I have excerpts checked.

    The total number of post that are shown on the main/ landing page is controlled by;

    Admin area- Settings/ Reading – Blog pages show at most, pick the number you wish, I have 6.

    I also increased my font for the post excerpts on the main page under the Thesis/ Design Options/ Teaser Font Sizes. I picked 20 pt. for the post title font size and 16 pt. for the post excerpt font size.

    Hope it helps.

  2. Stella Fair says:

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