Getting Started Blogging The Right Way

Getting a good, helpful start to your blogging career is not just handy, it is critical. You are blogging to get your information out to the web and make a few dollars doing it. There can be a lot of lost time and misused money if you get off on the wrong step.

The next few paragraphs try and explain how I was going about it before I came across The Niche Blogger and Amy’s simple to follow steps to get started.

Remember I wrote this during a brain storm on why I was getting confused and had no real direction, this is a true statement. And I quote myself;

(Start Quote)

So many options, so much advice, hundreds of articles and eBooks. It’s all good and can give you a good start at blogging or writing articles for fun or profit. But as you try and put it all together and get the wagon rolling you want to change one more thing. You look and find one more widget to make it all better. And if this will work on one site just think what it would do on 6 or a dozen.

More work, more reading and setups, add a few more tweaks. Finally get 3 or 4 sites online and started, OK only 5 or 7 more to get going, setup, read, a few more widgets. But as you look back you see that the first sites are lacking, they need a dose of maintenance. Back to the start, add a few post, come up with some fresh ideas and during the brain storming you get an idea for a whole new project.

So let’s start setting up this newest greatest idea and use some new widgets with a whole new theme. More reading, tweaking and we get the new idea online, sort of, kind of working. OK hit it hard and go, go, go, write, read, plan.

Then we look back, opus, sites 3 and 4 need some maintenance, we will do it real fast, a quick makeover. Ok back to the new site 8 or was it 9. What happened to 5, 6, or 7, do they need a touch up or did we even get them started and online? What where they about, what was that special tweak we were going to add to site 6. Or was it 7 or 4???

We had a plan, didn’t we? Where did I write that down, or did I read it out of article or what was that eBook? Ok I will go back and look through my stack of notes and scribbles. I get to the first one, now I know where I started, and I quote from the first note, “Make A Plan And Stick To It Until It’s Complete”.

Now that’s a good idea, let me write that down on my note pad. I need a new widget.

End Quote)

My plan was more scrambled then the eggs I had for breakfast. I was writing and reading, but I was not really getting anywhere. I needed help.

I have looked and paid for a lot of get rich now options which usually made the seller rich and did not help me. Then I found The Niche Blogger and with the help of the owner, Amy, and the many members of the forum, I was guided by videos and a real positive set of helpful steps to get started in the right way.

After just the first day of checking out the membership, I knew I was on the right path. The simple classes made sense, the proper steps in starting a blog and doing it right where right in front of me as fast as I could read them. It worked and now I have a positive attitude and I know I’m doing it the right way.


Try it for yourself to just get started. What you will learn if just the first month of classes and videos will convince you that this is the right way to get started making money blogging.

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