No Plan to be Self-Employed – but I Just Got Laid Off

Have you ever come home and had to say: I just got laid off; to your family or to your mirror. There might never be a better time to plan your self-employed work from home career, excepts when it might be the only choice. Laid off, a cutback, job loss to outsourcing, no matter what the reason, your income is affected.

How long can you last without some form of income? Do you have a nest egg or retirement savings that will help pay the bills? If you are receiving unemployment, is it enough, how long will it last? Now is the time to think about self-employment ideas.

I hope you never find yourself in a position as described above, but if it does happen, what are your plans? A work from home career plan might not pay as much as you’re current full time job, but it will help. Becoming self-employed, even on a part-time basis to start with, can prepare you for future developments.

Whatever your full-time career is at the moment, there are ways to use your work experiences at home. Everyone thinks about self-employment some time during their work careers. Have you checked to see what opportunity’s you might have?

I personally worked in the construction industry for 35 years. Granted, it takes several people to build a house or an office building, so it would not be a choice for a personal work at home job. But having knowledge of all the associated building trades opens more possibilities.

One concern for any home or business office building is maintenance. A single self-employed person can find work doing the never ending needed fixes and repairs. No matter how well you build them, items break or wear out.

This would be an opportunity for finding self-employed work for me. No matter what work field or trade you have worked in it will have similar associated outlets for starting a work from home self-employed business.

Many of the tools needed to perform your personal field of work might already be in your possession. Some might have to be bought. If you invest in anything, invest in yourself, with tools of the trade or added training.

Some Self-Employed Notes:

  • Self-Employed Tax Deductions
  • Self-Employment Health Insurance
  • Self-Employed Tax Identification Number
  • Self-Employed Business Name and Bank Account
  • Personal Business Accounting And Job Tracking System

You can get started without the above list of items, but you should take them under consideration. The needed business setup items will be dependent on the type of work you plan to perform.

Look at local groups or self-employed individuals for help or answers to your startup questions. You can save yourself much time and effort by researching the possibilities of your new work career. Even your local unemployment office can help with advice and information.

No one starts out alone; there are always other people or businesses that can gain a profit by helping you. In my personal example above, other self-employed contractors need help at times. The local lumberyards are always a great contact to get your new business.

These same contact types are in one form or another connected to all work at home businesses. No matter what you do, you will at times depend on other sources of help or supplies. These simple leads can benefit you twofold. They can supply added help and references to find new work or business contacts.

So weather you are employed now or working part-time, start building a work from home backup plan. If you are unemployed, then start the steps in planning a fresh new career. Becoming self-employed is an obtainable reality in today’s world.

There are almost unlimited job opportunities when you look for ways to start. Don’t look at a possible difficulty as something that will stop you, find a work a round or a solution. The doors to your dream jobs and future are not locked; you simply need to open them. The keys to being self-employed are in your hands, just insert and twist.

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  1. Hey Steve,

    Like you, I’ve been in the cunstruction/trades field for most of my life and I’ve mostly been self employed. For the past 12 years or so I’ve been focused on the technical side of alarm systems which is much easier on the body.

    I recently started working as an employee for someone and to tell you the truth, I have never felt so “not in control” of my destiny. At times I wish I had the resourced to retire and pursue a full time internet business but at this time I’m not prepared.

    There are times when I wish I would get laid off to sort of force my hand …

  2. Hi Scott,
    A layoff can be a bad way to go, but it does happen. I think everyone should take the first steps to make plans for a form of alternate income. Just having a base idea to start from can offer some help during the unexpected loss of income.

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