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When you are starting or remodeling a web site for a marketing solution. There are design issues to think about that go beyond simple Search Engine Optimization “SEO”. Will you be offering a single select item or many in different categories? What is the clientele interested in to make them click on your sites short Google listing first?

Most of the descriptions listed when you search for a particular item in Google are short. They show a small word title then a short description. Not much, room to get your best information out and grab the interest of fast scanning eyes.

Some people say META data is no longer an issue for the search engines. Well, between the description, keywords, page topic and a few other bits of information, this is the eye candy for your title. Only one chance, you need to grab the possible customer as they go down the list.

So, you do not think it’s necessary, or you can put your efforts to better use. Welcome to vast depths of search fighting for position in a listing of 10,000 or more!

Google has changed its algorithms for sorting all the information it gathers. Black hats will continue to fined methods to fool the procedure. Still the method to keep your ranking set high requires some simple rules you should follow.

You need to keep your keyword articles and or post fresh. If flowers are, your main keyword and you get in the top 10 on Google with an article about Red Flowers you need to keep adding more articles. Your Red Flowers post might hit the top 10 for a while, but it will drop as Google finds new information on red flowers. You need fresh data on your keyword Flowers for Google to feed on, like Blue Flowers, White Flowers, and so on.

When a visitor to Google reads your listing on Flowers, than this is a potential customer. You have to use all available techniques in your marketing toolbox. Keep customers on your site or they will click back to the next listing to check it for Fresh Flowers.

Do all you can to stay current on the SEO issues that relate to your website. Things change and you will need to make changes to keep your rankings high.

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