Home Based Website Business – How to Start

How to design a home based website business to provide additional work from home income? A business needs ideas, so it is the simple matter to convert your business ideas into website ideas.

Many people today are finding new ways to produce extra needed income by expanding their skills to include a website presents. The cost are very affordable and the possible exposure to clients and profits are limitless.

Brainstorm Website Business Ideas:

Decide on your main home based website business plan for the niche market or topic you wish to work towards. Do you already have a profession that you will expand, or are you starting a new career?

Do you have hobbies that could be a profit producer and add some extra income for savings or special needs? Perhaps you would like to write and offer copywriting or become a ghostwriter by contract. Are you a crafts-person and would like to offer your personal items or do custom contract work? Fashion sewer, quilt making or other forms of artistic works sell better than store-bought items. You just need to get the word out to possible customers.

There are many common trades such as carpentry; house painting, custom wood fences, and landscaping or yard care that are always in demand. If you wish to expand your favorite trade into a full-time profitable business, then a website is a low-cost advertising alternative. A website’s cost can be less a year than a monthly local newspaper advertisements, and it is exposed worldwide.

Setup your business website domain:

The basic procedure in choosing a domain name is to associate your company name “know as branding”. Alternatively, you can use its relation to the sites niche market name that you wish to offer as a product or service.

Examples for name branding:

  • Jane’s writing service = janeswritingservice.com
  • Bill’s house painting = billshousepainting.net
  • Mary’s home grown herbs = maryshomegrownherbs.org
  • John’s appliance repairs = johnsappliancerepairsandservice.com

Both naming ideas have good and bad points. Branding your company name might take some time to become recognized. A site’s name in a popular niche market might be unavailable, and you will have to make some creative wording adjustments to get a positive related name.

Once you chose your domain name, from your research, you will need to register the selected domain name with a registrar. This will cost about $10 to $15 for each year you choose for a top-level registration “.com, .net, .org” depending on which server company you sign up with for hosting. I would suggest Dynadot. They have excellent and fast service while offering some of the best pricing found online; currently at $9.99 for a .com domain name. I have used Dynadot for years for all my sites.

Start your website business plan

Start your website business plan

The next step is to find hosting for your new website.


A great start-up book reference called: Niche website Success; by Lisa Irby, will give you the best start at setting up your website business. It will guide you through all of the main points to get online with the best possible start and proper website design strategies. Lisa is running a holiday special now on the pricing which makes it a added deal.

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