Exede Satellite Internet Service for Rural Remote Areas

Internet access is a way of life in today’s world. These satellite connections offer unlimited uses for learning, shopping, current news or weather and connecting with friends and family members.

Many who live in rural remote areas do not have the benefits of high speed Cable or DSL lines in our backyards. But we can still have an Internet connections anywhere with satellite Internet service.

Exede Satellite Internet Service

Exede Satellite Internet Service

ViaSat Communications offers Exede satellite Internet service covering most of the North American Continent. No matter where the customer lives, or how remote the location might be. If you can see blue sky, your location can have a satellite Internet connection.

What is Exede Internet service and how does it work? The satellite ViaSat-1 launched into space in 2011 is the main connection. ViaSat-1 was the world’s highest capacity communication satellite ever launched and offered more capacity than all the other satellites covering the USA combined. The orbit is 22,230 miles above the earth.

ViaSat-1 info on Wikipediahttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ViaSat-1

The signal from your home mounted Exede dish goes back and forth through the satellite to the ground based Internet servers. This acts as an invisible wire connection, instead of the cable used by other Internet service providers. Exede’s advertised Internet connection speeds are 12 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload. On average, most users get faster speeds than advertised.


The benefits for rural and remote locations

WiFi Internet connection in remote locations

WiFi Internet connection in remote locations

Living in outlying and rural areas offers many lifestyle advantages and I would not give up mine for a direct Cable connection at any speed. The remoteness of the lifestyle brings disadvantages compared to populated areas. The technology offerings today affect everyone daily. Families and individuals have special needs that are obtainable today with an Internet connection.

A big savings I have noticed is gasoline, even with the current lower prices. Many online retail stores offer free or low cost shipping. Buying that special item delivered to your door sure beats the time and cost of driving to a store miles away to buy the same item priced higher than the online outlets.

Educational services for personal use or home schooling are a great help in today’s busy world. The Internet offers unlimited outlets for advancing careers for work at home individuals. You may earn certificates or degrees in any professional field.

Home schooling at remote locations

Home schooling at remote locations

Many people work from home at contracted jobs or self-employed part-time professions. The Internet is wide open for individuals to find profitable opportunities for their income needs, or compliment profits from other rural income producers. An added benefit is the freedom to set your own hours. The Internet is open 24/7/365 99.9% of the time. Jobs are plentiful and can pay well, which can offset the cost of a good Internet connection.

Many families want home schooling for their children. This has gained popularity in the remote rural areas to save the child from a 5-hour bus ride every day. A person can go from kindergarten into college from a laptop, at home, on many online training/educational websites.


Exede compared with other providers

Exede compaired with other internet providers

Exede compaired with other Internet providers

There are few rural Internet service providers to choose from compared with cities and suburbs. Most locations are offered four forms of possible Internet boondocks connections. Satellite, and if you are close enough, Cellular Internet connections and or Dial-Up phone line connections. But installers for satellite Internet providers only need a clear view of the southern sky. No towers or lines required. Each service has its own drawbacks and advantages.

Dial-Up was one of the first Internet options for rural areas. Hard-wired Dial-Up was real slow and still is. The phone line’s quality to your location was a major part in the online experience. If you have ever watched a web page loading, one line of pixels at a time with Dial-Up, you remember the experience and enjoy today’s access possibilities.

DSL Internet service is a high bread version of Dial-Up. The stipulations need the location to be within 18,000 feet “3 1/2 miles” of the closest central switching building. One of the biggest drawbacks for DSL Internet service is oversell. As more customers sign-up, the bandwidth suffers and speeds drop. As with any Internet connection, the overload during peak hours “evenings and weekends” becomes noticeable.

Cellular phones and their many service providers are growing. But in recent years, more have offered Internet connections. The major drawback for Cell Internet Service is distance, and/or line of sight to the transmitting tower. A normal cell phone call can vary in its signal power and stay connected to the other caller. Internet connections will slow and can fail/ dropout with a weak or wobbly signal.

The satellite Internet service providers are the fastest of the four. Dish satellite Internet services are subject to data caps to provide good service to all customers. New expansion soon will raise these caps. All Internet providers are imposing data cap/limits of this sort as the systems get loaded up. There’s lots of data moving on the Internet and other Wi-Fi connections in today’s connected world. The many connected devices are adding a great load to all forms of online connections. Who do you know today that is not connected with a Cell phone or Mobile device?

These four systems can fail under adverse weather, solar eruptions, and or Murphy’s Law. Again, nothing is infallible and technology has you at its mercy. Weather and bandwidth overload can cause the slowdowns with any connection. Everyone wants a big drink of the water and the pipes have a limited supply.


Cost and high speed Internet options

Cost of rural internet connections

Cost of rural internet connections

When considering a high speed satellite Internet connection for your home, shop or business, here are a few differences to make note of as you compare connection choices.

Satellite providers have different levels of data packages based on a monthly usage. This is not the wide open, unlimited Cable package in cities. Billing of customers is based on the data amounts they use, download and uploads. Browsing normal web pages uses little data. Streaming a live video or a movie does. An estimate for a Netflix movie that is two hours long, at moderate quality level, will use one Gig (1GB) of data.

The level of quality affects downloads of videos and movies. Settings are adjustable on most sites to get the best data use advantage. A movie download at standard definition might use 0.2 Gig. At HD quality “High Definition” might use one Gig or more. This is average for viewing a one hour movie.

YouTube is popular and the go-to standard for video entertainment. Again, for an average viewing for 1-hour, 0.2 Gig or less in size for low definition viewing “songs or videos” but 0.5 Gig in HD quality.

Exede’s plans offer a free download period called LNFZ “Late Night Free Zone.” Offered daily at 12 am midnight to 5 am, you can download or upload data without using the monthly data allotment. Many people take advantage of this with programs like PlayOn and PlayLater. This program can download movies or videos from your favorite sites onto the computer hard drive for later or repetitive viewing.

Computer programs that need large updates can be scheduled to run during the LNFZ, which again will not count against your data usage. There are several tricks you can use to slow or limit the webs many programs using data in the background. If it moves, flashes or makes noise, it is eating data on that page.

Satellite Internet providers provide options for remote locations

Satellite Internet providers provide options for remote locations

Facebook is known for using data without you realizing it. The videos will already download as you view the post even though you have not clicked the play button. It is a pre-load feature to help prevent buffering if you play the video. This can be turned off in General Account Settings under “Videos.” Turn “Auto-Play Videos” to off to save data.

Alternatives to help control the unauthorized usage of data is by adding Adblock Plus and FlashBlock to your favorite web browser. This will stop the auto loading of Flash programs and videos without your interaction “click to play.” It is surprising at the number of items on a webpage that run automatically.

So if you live in an area where there’s no Cable or DSL coverage Exede satellite Internet service can help. If it is for home schooling or furthering a career, you can get connected to educational websites. If wishing to watch movies or other forms of entertainment you will be able to from your remote location. If you enjoy visiting with friends and family and sharing videos or images, Exede’s satellite can provide the Internet connection.

Check out the comparison reviews for Exede and other satellite providers here: http://satellite-internet-review.toptenreviews.com/

Personal experience and Internet usage

Save time and gas with internet connection for shopping and purchases

Internet connection for shopping and purchases

I use Exede’s Internet service daily now on a small farm in rural eastern Colorado and I am satisfied with the service. I have used blazing fast Cable in the past with unlimited data caps, but have become accustomed to monitoring my data usage with Exede.

I do not use Exede for heavy user gaming, but my wife does. The games like WoW/ World of Warcraft, will notice slower connection issues from lag. Exede does not recommend its service for certain games as in the fast running first person shooters and WoW’s fast user interaction.

Before Exede, I was connecting through a Cell/ Modem system. It worked, but as the signal and towers expanded, it became crowded and slower, and dropped out during busiest times. There was a 100 Gig cap in an attempt to help the overloaded system. They needed more, so I finally bailed and had Exede install a dish. The install was fast and professionally done. I would like more data, a higher cap, but not unlimited. There are limits to anything. I adjust to my technology supply line and feel it is well spent money.

Exede is planning to offer new plans soon, with ViaSat-2 due to launch in 2015. This second satellite will offer better coverage, increased speeds, and allow larger data caps for customers. Exede listens to their 675,000 plus customer base for added request and expanded features. If you have ideas, let them know. We all want more avenues of fast Internet connections. We enjoy the country living and understand that technology is limited, but not eliminated from our remote locations. It works for me, so check out Exede’s offers for fast Internet at your location.

At the time of this writing, Exede is offering double the data for the first six months. Their 10, 15, or 25 Gig plans are doubled to 20, 30, 50 Gigs and they are starting out new plans in selected areas. This helps customers to get familiar with satellite service, and you can always buy more Gigs if needed.

To check which Exede high speed plans are available for your home location, enter your Zip Code on this page to find out: http://www.exede.com/what-is-exede

ViaSat Exede Debuts First Virtually Unlimited Satellite Internet Service in US MarketWatch

Techlicious blog ViaSat Exede Debuts First Virtually Unlimited Satellite Internet Service in US. MarketWatch. Its Exede Internet consumer service powered by the world’s highest capacity communications satellite ViaSat-1 was the first high-speed satellite service to reach a significant portion of the U. S. including rural and remote areas that had ViaSat Launching Virtually Unlimited Satellite Internet PlanTechlicious blog all 36 news articles.…

Compensation for this post was provided by ViaSat. Opinions expressed here are my own. Work from Home Category 

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