Article Design and Layout – article design ideas

article design and layout

Article Design and layout

Making an article design that is appealing to your customers is only one step. Offering a well designed article that is easy to read while making the main points of the topic easy to find is an important step.

Adding simple formatting can bring out your article design ideas in a more natural manner while adding color and interest to specific points. Simple changes can easily direct the readers eye to an item of interest, while making them document as a whole easier to scan and remember. For your readers, you want to get the point across quickly. You can with an easy to access details and we hope hold your reader so they might serve a more items on your site.

When designing your article use bullet list, italics, adding bold to some words, are all tricks that will help capture the information and relay it to the reader. The use of the images and graphics do help if used sparingly, while still pertaining to the subject of the article.

  • The best widget
  • The next to the best widget
  • A good widget
  • A poor widget

A bullet list can direct people to the highlighted areas of interest you have selected. It allows several topics to be broken down into steps or break down you need. If added emphasis is required, you can use bold or italic. This will allow the readers eye to be caught by the fact that you are bringing more emphasis to a certain word or idea.

If you’re trying to show a breakdown of certain steps, or procedures that follow a set routine, try a numbered list.  When a certain topic needs a set of procedures that you want the customer to read and follow, a numbered list might work best.

1.       Main idea

1.1.     First part

1.1.1.  Second part

Numbered steps of listing can be used in a questionnaire or survey that you want specific details about the main topic. Again, with added formatting of your text covering specifics, you can relate certain steps together from different fields.

Always show and use extra emphasis to get your main point across. The idea is for the reader to receive and understand as much information quickly as you can possibly provide. They did not come to your site to read your article if it is hard to understand or navigate.

Always reread your article yourself and think about it as “will I understand this will I get the idea.” This is the same message you want to provide to your sites visitors. Is the article design interesting enough for me as well as my visitors?

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