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Write Your Own Content

Write Your Own Content

They say with website content; Content is King. Make your voice and your side of the story the best website content possible for your visitors.

Throwing out re-hashed re-written old news is not going to get you to the top in the new Google Age that has come, and will keep coming.

Internet surfers are getting wiser and becoming more informed by the major search engines. There is a lot of information to be had from many sources. Drilled down details come up and offer additional information about a website without even visiting the page. Just hover over a website’s listing and you will get a quick read out of the site and its potential to answer the question for the searcher.

When you are developing your own content, you know the class of info you would expect from a site you might search. Provide more quality website content than you would expect. You need to stand out with honest useful web content writing on the subject the searcher is looking for.

  • Fresh
  • New
  • Current
  • Popular
  • Well Researched
  • Interesting

These words should be at the top of your criteria before you type your first word. SEO content writing skills come in two forms; Black Hat and White Hat. Speak the truth, offer trustworthy content the visitor will see as a personality in the writing style. Web searchers want to hear detailed information from a human, not a machine.

If you are lucky enough to have a ‘done that ’ ‘been there’ ‘used and operated’ knowledge concerning anything in your chosen article topic then write about it. Tell your honest ideas and experiences that might be useful to the reader. Personal experiences are much more valuable than a hundred copy and paste reviews. Knowing that you are laying it out as you see it makes for an interesting read for the person in need of the topic’s info.

The reason to write is usually based on one of two points, free or profit. If you are doing well in the way of profit, you might consider hiring a web content writer. This might also be a choice to get your site started while providing free web content. Is it going to be a cost or an investment?  Can you handle the other time requirement for design and development while keeping the site current and fresh?

Having content written for you is not a cut and dried deal. You do get what you pay for and re-editing the article for spelling, phrases and topic grammar should be considered into the amount of time to get the article posted on your site. Writing your own website content even at a slower pace can prove more profitable and sensible. A well thought out key topic written with personal reasoning will have a lasting appeal on your website. A close copy to a hundred other similar articles on the subject will not.

  1. Choose your topic
  2. Research your topic
  3. Write your topics article
  4. Read your article and edit
  5. Publish your article

Some people say they can produce ten articles a day easily. Some say they might work on one article for a week. My thoughts are the one that takes a week will be a better reading experience. If you’re looking for fast and easy content you have missed the point. Free or paid, the information needs to be unique and fresh in order to please information hungry possible clients. Hitting close to the mark is page 10 on Google for the search topic. When you do a search, do you go to page ten or one hundred and ten?

Be your own writing critic, does the article content answer the topics questions with easy to read details? Make it an interesting read as though you where discussing the topic with a friend. Does it cover all the main interest for the subject? Did you offer more info from a different article or a lead to a different website as a kindness to your internet reader? Will the reader think ‘Thank You’ when their done taking in your information and insight?

Don’t worry about setting time limits when you write. Do make sure you answered the questions with details as needed for the topic. Write until the article is done to your satisfaction and you are willing to put your name on it. You can always edit it later if you come across some well needed additional information or changes. You’re the author, editor and critic. Are you happy with your website content? Would you think ’Thank You’ after you read the informative article content on your site? Would you?

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