Earned Income from Wooden Crafts for Sale

Creating woodcraft’s for sale and providing additional earned income is always a popular craft choice. And the products can be displayed and sold from many different outlets. There is no end to the items that can be crafted from wood. Wood can be found at low cost or even free. Then the craftsman or craftswoman […]

Retirement Income Strategies For Seniors To Work At Home

Retirement Income Strategies Seniors need a retirement plan to help guarantee a passive income other than social security alone. One of the simpler ways might be to find some work from home business ideas that can supplement their retirement plan with online income. The Internet offers several ways to provide extra income with seniors working […]

How To Make Crafts To Sell – From Rags To Rugs

The normal person throws away clothing every year. A popular homemade art is to  make crafts to sell from objects that otherwise would be trash? There are many crafts to make and sell from used materials. My grandmother uses to take old jeans cut them up into strips and weave small throw rugs. Do they work, […]

StyleWriter 4 – Grammar Checking Software For Web Content Writing And Technical Editing

StyleWriter 4 is an add-on for Microsoft Word that helps you check grammar, spelling, and produce a readable style in your article creation. It’s based on proper English language usage, and conforms to several different writing styles. Once you have written the information you wish to check, you can click the add-ons section in the […]

Elance Typing Jobs from Home for an Added Income Career Source

There are thousands of write at home jobs in high demand on the Internet. Anyone can find work and make extra income only limited by the effort you put into it. There are writing scams advertised on the Internet and well documented, but the ones I list here, are not scams. I suggest you always […]