No Plan to be Self-Employed – but I Just Got Laid Off

Have you ever come home and had to say: I just got laid off; to your family or to your mirror. There might never be a better time to plan your self-employed work from home career, excepts when it might be the only choice. Laid off, a cutback, job loss to outsourcing, no matter what […]

Niche Website Success – a Book by Lisa Irby – a Review

I have just finished reading a book by; Lisa Irby – Niche Website Success. I have read many books, hardcover and eBooks to help me design and build my personal websites. Lisa’s was different, it narrowed down the important steps for getting a website up and running towards success, in an easy to understand manner. […]

Work From Home Writer and Copywriting – Get Paid to Write

Would you enjoy writing as a work from home career? Would you enjoy it more if you where paid to write? Lacking training or previous professional writing experience, you can still find writing jobs. Many businesses, websites and product advertisers are looking for writers. The necessary skill levels for each job are relevant to the […]

What is a WordPress Theme Framework – Thesis Theme Review

There are many choices when looking for a theme framework to run your WordPress website with. The framework helps lay the foundation for the theme or skin you choose to design the site with. Thesis has become a popular theme over the last few years, and is used by more than 45,000 websites. When it […]

New Rules by the FTC for Work at Home Scam

Work at home scams have been growing over the last few years due to the economic hard times. More individuals are now looking for a way to start their own business from home and produce some extra revenue for and expenses or to cover job losses. The Federal Trade Commission, issued a bulletin where they […]